Clampdown on Cowboy Will Writers

Negligent will specialist Lee Dawkins warns consumers to keep away from unregulated, unqualified and uninsured will writers.

Free linked will writing companies have been closed down by the Insolvency Service.

When irregularities from the companies’ accounts came to light, the Insolvency Service launched an investigation which uncovered widespread inappropriate practice.

The Insolvency Service described the main company, Minster Legal Services, as trading in a way that was “misleading and contrary to the public interest”.

The company employed a telesales team who would cold-call consumers throughout the country. Consumers would be persuaded to agree to a home visit being carried out by one of the company’s self-styled “legal consultants” who would then attempt to sell the company’s products including will writing and trusts.

The investigators discovered that consumers were sold products that were unnecessary or inappropriate. There were also widespread complaints about long delays in providing the legal services on offer.

The company was heavily criticised for failing to keep proper accounting records. It was also guilty of transferring company funds into a bank account that it did not control.

It is thought that the group of companies had amassed a turnover of over £1million.

Consumers have been warned to be wary of dealing with unqualified, unregulated will writing companies.

It is likely that these companies are undertaking legal work negligently on a regular basis. However, whilst a will writing company can be sued for negligence just like a firm of solicitors, difficulties can arise if they do not have professional indemnity insurance and the company providing the service is insolvent or has no assets.

Our recommendation to consumers purchasing legal services is to deal with a properly regulated fully insured firm of solicitors. However, if you have fallen victim to one of these cowboy outfits then we would be pleased to offer advice.

Clampdown on Cowboy Will Writers