National Coverage

We provide a specialist legal service for people bringing and disputing contested will claims on a nationwide basis. We represent people throughout England and Wales.

So, wherever you are, from Northumberland to Cornwall, from Newcastle to Plymouth, our contesting wills solicitors are here to help.

We are supported by a national network of agents who are able to visit you at home should it be necessary. We also have links with barristers’ chambers throughout the country including London and Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth, Manchester and Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.

We are not tied to issuing court proceedings out of any particular county court. We can therefore issue proceedings from the county court of your choice. This includes all major county courts including Central London County Court, Cardiff County Court, Aldershot and Farnham County Court, Barnet County Court, Brighton County Court, Birmingham County Court, Gateshead County Court, Oxford County Court and Southampton County Court.

For those that are comfortable using IT we can communicate by email rather than letter. This gives the benefit of instant communication regardless of location. It makes no difference to us if you are in Yorkshire or the Midlands, Wales or East Anglia. You will be given the personal email address of the contesting wills solicitor who is handling your case so that you can contact them direct whenever you wish.

Call us now on 0808 155 6389 or at [email protected]