Negligent Will Claim Funding

We offer a range of funding options for pursuing your negligent will case.

No Win-No Fee

In addition to dealing with professional negligence claims on a traditional private basis, we offer our popular No Win – No Fee option.

No Win – No Fee (or to give it its correct legal title “conditional fee”) is suitable where there are good prospects of success. We risk-assess all potential No Win – No Fee negligent will cases and if the claim has good prospects we will invite you to enter into a No Win, No Fee agreement.

If we undertake a negligent will clase in this way you will only be required to pay our fees (together with a success fee) if you win your claim. Most of the winning party’s costs (though not all of them) are likely to be met by the losing party.

If your negligent will case is unsuccessful then you will not have to pay our fees, though you will still be responsible for any disbursements that have been incurred, such as court fees or an insurance policy..

Legal Expenses Insurance

We always make a point of checking whether our clients already have the benefit of legal expenses insurance (LEI). If a suitable policy is in place we will contact the insurance company on your behalf to obtain confirmation that the claim will be covered. Some legal expenses insurance companies, such as DAS, often try to persuade people to appoint their own “panel” solicitors. However, anyone who has a legal expenses insurance policy has a legal right to appoint a solicitor of their own choosing, so you shouldn’t feel that your freedom is restricted. If in doubt give us a call and we will sort it out with the insurer ourselves.

Private Funding

We are also able to deal with your negligent will case on a conventional private funding bais, where our charges are calculated on an hourly basis.

Free negligent will claim funding assessment

To find out what your funding options are, contact us for a free assessment. We will review your case and make recommendations on the method of funding that is most likely to suit your particular circumstances.

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