Executor Negligence

Negligence claims against executors

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The law governing executor negligence starts with the duty of care owed by executors both to their co-executors and the beneficiaries of the estate. In certain situations a duty can also be owed to other third parties.

This means that executors are required to exercise a reasonable level of skill and care when carrying out their duties. If they fail to meet the required standard then they may find themselves facing a negligence claim. 

If an executor fails to act diligently, fails to safeguard the assets of an estate or acts with undue delay then they may become legally liable for the loss suffered as a result.

An executor negligence claim is a legal action that is brought against an executor who has acted in breach of their duty of care resulting in another party suffering financial loss. Where this has occurred then in addition to claiming compensation the court can also order that the executor is removed from office.

Where the executor is a professional person such as a solicitor or an accountant then the executor negligence claim is dealt with according to the principles governing professional indemnity law. A higher standard of care can be expected from a professional executor as compared to a layperson who is acting in that capacity. 

A professional executor will generally hold professional indemnity insurance. This means that if they have caused you financial loss then if you win your executor negligence case the damages awarded will be paid by the insurers. Lay executors by contrast may not have insurance and may not have the personal assets to meet an award, so this factor needs to be taken into consideration when contemplating legal action.

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